Our goal is simple: To get friends and families to play outside together

National Play Outside Day is the first Saturday of every month.  The next one is .

What is National Play Outside Day?
On the first Saturday of the month, everybody in the nation plays outside. 

This includes kids, parents, adults, families and grandparents.

There are no scheduled events or activities, just go outside and do something fun with your friends and familiy.

Mark it on the calendar for the rest of the year so you don't forget! Make it a monthly tradition.

Why play outside?

• It's fun
• Develop a lifetime habit of physical activity
• Keep health and exercise a priority
• Discover new things
• Use your imagination
• Enjoy the beauty of nature
• Create lifelong memories with friends and family

Why have people stopped playing outside?

• There is a ton of cool stuff inside (video games, TV, computers, toys......).
• It's different than when we were kids. Parents had to yell for kids to come in, now
  some parents have to yell to get kids to go outside.
• We get busy with the other things we need to do, and don't make it a priority.
• The news media has scared us about being outside.
• It is up to parents to encourage and plan outdoor activities.
• Playing outside is a choice. It takes a little effort, like putting shoes on. But once
  you are outside, it's worth it.